Friday, February 15, 2008

Electrical Tools

Electric tools create much more power than a lone human can supply. These tools add the power of stimulating motors to manual tools. The resulting electric authority tools are excellent work saving strategy. Electric mechanical tools are greater to tools that run on gasoline, except where electricity is out of stock. For example, loggers in mountainous land would positive use gasoline chain saws. For the majority other jobs, the electrically powered tool has the convenience improvement. On a daily basis worksites, the work team using electric tools never has to concern about running out for a different can of electricity!
Quick-reference catalog offer a new line of quality electrical tools with pliers, wire strippers, conduit benders, fish tapes, screwdrivers, specialty etc

Socket Head Adapters : Set are the cheapest way to get sockets and ratchet-handles. But if your 3/8" set Contains all 12-point sockets, buy snugger fit ting hex-head shaped sockets in most used sizes: 1/4-, 3/8-,5/16, 1/2" and 9/16". Also, get a three-piece set of extension rods in all small piece sizes. And find 1/4 - to 3/8- and 3/8- to 1/2" adapters so you can use one range socket in a different driver.
Product Details : Product Name - 3/8 Metric Socket Head Adapters Square Drive
Manufacturer Name - Apex Fastener Tools
Price - $16.21
Screw driver : The screwdriver is a device specially planned to insert and tighten, or to loosen and get rid of, screws. The screwdriver comprises a head or tip, which engages with a screw, a instrument to apply torque by turning the angle, and some way to place and support the screwdriver.
Product Details : Product Name - Cushion Grip Round Shank Screwdriver
Manufacturer Name - Wright Hand Tools
Price - $7.42

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top Online Safety Products

We focus in a wide range of top of the line lawen forcement safety products like –Mesh Dowel Safety Flags, Safety Harness Bag with Snap, Safety Vests, Vinyl Dowel Safety Flags, Safety Goggles Optical, Safety Hand – Book, Safety Power Tape Measures, Safety Video, Safety Wiring Kit etc online shopping catalog.

Wilson Top Safety Products Details

[1] Yellow FR-Modacrylic Fabric Safety Vests : The Estex 1614 Series of safety vests were exclusively considered for workers that are showing to an arc flash potential and must purpose in work zones beside the roadway that require MUTCD observance by either the Federal Highway Administration or their State sector of Transportation.
Price : $57.28.

[2] Professional Bandage, Safety and Fabric Scissors : Ergo blueprint Bandage safety cutters. Stainless steel blades and original blue ergo designed handles offer the best of together worlds light and comfortable! Safety angle slips under bandages or clothing without injuring the skin. 9 overall length, 3 cut length.
Price : $17.72
Product Manufacturer Name : Heritage Cutlery

3] Safety Goggles Optical : Put on safety glasses so that the temples well comfortably over the ears. The frame should be as close to the face as potential and sufficiently supported by the bridge of the nose.
Manufacturer Name : Wright Hand Tools , Weight : 0.09 , Price : $18.15.

[4] Safety Utility Knife : We offer the major range of safety knives, safety cutters and box cutters wherever - many with unique, patented safety features. Our safety knives and safety cutters include spring loaded knives, box cutters, ergonomic knives, strapping cutters, deburring tools, and many more. If your goal is accident prevention (i.e. specifically reducing your OSHA recordables), you've come to the right site. If you are interested in knife safety, check out our safety knives and box cutters today!
Price : $26.85

[5] Heavyweight Jersey Gloves : Excellent for many casual and work related conditions, Jersey Gloves have become a staple in many types of occasions.
Price : $3.38

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

LED Headlamps

H.F.Wilson Engineering company offers a selection of Headlamps and head lamps flashlight trimmings from the top flash light making brands - we carry Brinkmann Lighting Products Manufacturers head lights, Streamlight headlamps, Surefire, and many other fine flashlight.
This definitive, long-term L.E.D. headlamp provides 50-60 hours of nonstop run time on one set of batteries with up to 20 times longer battery life than a regular 2AA Flashlights. The Light Emitting Diode (L.E.D.), unlike a bulb, never needs replacing.
Features Include :(a) Knob ON/Off switch with silent indicator quality.
(b) Unique lens and reflector for maximum brightness
(c) Variable elastic headband
(d) Tilting head to point the light beam where you need it
(e) Battery pack placed in the support for balanced weight
(f) 2AA batteries included
(g) Camouflage head band

Product Details

Product Name : L.E.D. Headlamp with Camouflage Head Band
Price : $16.95
Quantity : 1
Action : Add to cart
Manufacturer Name : Brinkmann Lighting Products

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Aluminium Flash Light

Aluminium flash light amazing compact is like a spotlight and power bright beam. You can carry in your pocket or simple bag. Three inexpensive 1 AAA-size battery will last for over 20 hours continious.Quite a few times brighter than common penlights . Anodized aluminum One hand spot-to-flood. Lightweight aluminum construction with non-slip rubber grips, variable ray and key ring back cap, rubber sheathing for sure-han ded clutch.

Light designs, manufacturers, develops and distributes technologically advanced aluminium flashlights products. To turn the beam on or off, the shelter around the lens of the lamp was rotated .This approach of controlling lights is still seen in headlamps and flashlights.

Aluminium flash light water and shock challenging . Key ring and black color with red rubber grip designing.It so compact you can
carry it with you at all times and its very powerful.

Product details :-

Product name : - Pro-Grip 1-AAA Flashlights (Black and Yellow)
Part number : - 800-2050-1
Manufacturer name : - Brinkmann Lighting Products
Price : - $7.95

Monday, December 24, 2007

Tool Bags

Canvas Tool Bag

White Canvas tool bag is cool and stylish way to keep your tools organized.Tool bag features a large zippered compartment with 15 outside pockets, triangular rope with swivel and two grommets for "S" hooks. Waterproof bottom. 15" X 7" X 10" . Makes a great gift! 3 custom initials on top center.
Designed to hold power activated tools that are designed to utilize shotgun style shells to wedge the connector into the coductor .A pretty way to keep your tools organized and available.

Primary use of this : Business
Quantity : 1
Product Details : price > 62.25$
Uses : Work

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Online engineering tools and manufacturers

Online engineering tools and manufacturers. Easy to use and happy to purchase.Online Catalog contains vast variety attractive products for you to shop from.

H. F. Wilson still leads the engineering products listings while suppliers are struggling to keep pace with its sales. As an engineering company, H. F. Wilson has developed several types of consumer electronics and accessories to offer to the online catalog market. Our virtual store holds all kinds of technical products and gadgets such as air purifiers, fastener tools, flash lights, safety equipment, industrial supply and adapters etc. Customers can also seek diverse products such as books, liquid paint markers, vacuum pick up tools, and for those interested in new electronic accessories, electronic torque wrenches.

Hfwcatalog offers numerous product types and all of them are aesthetically attractive. All products come with a detailed description, price and other valuable and necessary information.

It is more then obvious that the popularity of online shopping is going to increase over the year. Being convenient to use both in terms of comfort and price on line shopping including for electronics and other related engineering products has made our live much easier. We are no longer forced to wait in line. Now with the help of the internet technology, we have varied wholesale products just waiting to be purchase at a click away distance.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Engineering tools and Products

Tool is a device which provides a mechanical advantage in accomplishing any work.
When you start any work it is important to make sure that you have right kind of tools supplies and that you and your worker know how to use it. Stop strain yourself using old and unparalleled tools and products, when you have the choice of high quality standard tools and products from companies like Estex Manufacturing - which provide a broadest selection of fasteners tools including Bernzomatic , sockets and more and assure their quality with the selection of high grade raw material, Bausch & Lomb-eye health company dedicated to perfecting vision and enhancing life for consumers, Kimbarly - Clark- From protective apparel to medical devices - everything we make, everything we do, is focused on protecting healthcare professionals and patients, CK Tools-meet the needs of the majority of hand tool users, be they professional electricians, builders or plumbers, or DIY and gardening enthusiasts.
There are present hundred of tools to do a particular job, but you have to choose the right tools and right size to eliminate the risk of making a fresh start. The hydrolytic torque Wrenches have high torque ratio and are designed to deal with the toughest bolting tasks to reduce the time and making your work easier. H.F.Wilson provides Knives that are famous for their high production standards and incomparable design. Having a right Cutting and Trimming tools makes a big difference in a final look of your project and also help you to save time. One has to opt for best kind of Abrasives for grinding and cutting to reduce wastage. We offer an extensive collection of Tool Storage equipments to choose, from tool boxes, tool kits, so that our consumers don’t have to worry on how they handle their tools and products. Boots in the study of nature, meant for protection in wild areas and industrial settings. You can buy boots to protect chemical workers from chemical exposures; special boots are designed for walking in Antarctic and hill continents and to climb mountains. H.F.Wilson provides all types of Material hadling equipment,Industrial supplier,Safety Equipment tools and products exist in the world. It is very difficult to judge the product that suits your requirements. Weather the product is of high involvement or of low involvement, weathers it’s for household purpose or for any industrial project it is very important to choose the product from wide range of category that will best suit your requirements. Adapters are commonly used products found everywhere from home to industrial work stations, but one has to check its quality and certification before buying and implementing it to their task. Travel is the biggest areas for the demand for adapters, various countries of world operates on different power grids and also few countries use DC current instead of AC current hence protection and safety equipments are also important. Customers can choose from a wide range of category, but they also have to concern the standard of quality that certified the tools and products, like H.F.Wilson products are certified from ISO 9001:2000 and MBE standards.